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Rock & Mineral Set
This set contains 20 samples of Missouri's common minerals and igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. A 16-page full-color informational booklet is included. Parental Advisory: WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD -- This item contains small parts. Not recommended for children younger than 5 years. Do not put any rock or mineral in mouth. Always wash hands after handling rocks and minerals.

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Roadside Geology of Missouri
by Charles G. Spencer, Mountain Press Publishing Company, 288p, 2011.

The Show-Me State has plenty of geology to show, including the biggest entry room of any cave in North America, the largest lead deposit in the United States, and the only exposures in the Midwest of a large province of granite and rhyolite. Geologic history is still being made here, too. In 1811 and 1812, an unprecedented series of magnitude 7 and 8 earthquakes rocked southeast Missouri, liquefying the floodplain sediments and temporarily blocking the flow of the Mississippi River. In Roadside Geology of Missouri, author Charlie Spencer shows you around the state ? from the flat, glaciated plains in the north to the knobs of rhyolite in the St. Francois Mountains in the south, and from the earthquake-formed sand boils on the Mississippi floodplain in the southeast to the layers of coal, shale, sandstone, and limestone on the Springfield Plateau and Osage Plains in the west. With this book as your guide, find out where dinosaur fossils have been found in Missouri, why caves and springs seem to pop up nearly everywhere, and which of Missouri?s mysterious structures were formed by meteorite impacts.

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Geologic Wonders and Curiosities
by Thomas R. Beveridge, Second Edition, revised by Jerry D. Vineyard, 392 p., 163 figs., app., 1991.
Locates and describes more than 400 interesting geologic features including mountains, hills, knobs, mounds, shutins, waterfalls, rapids, bluffs and others.

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Springs of Missouri
by Jerry D. Vineyard and Gerald L. Feder, with sections on fauna and flora by William L. Pflieger and Robert G. Lipscomb, 267 p., 94 figs., 26 tbls., 1974 (reprinted 1982).
Describes and locates large springs of Missouri; includes rates of flow, and water composition and quality. Provides information on what makes springs work, pollution potential, historical use of springs, and flora and fauna found in and around them.

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